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Where The Sun Don't Shine Lyrics - J.J. Cale


You told me, you didn't love me no mo!
yes Ive heard, that one before.

Same thing, same news.
You treat me like a fool
that you can use.

Let me tell you,
I wont be kind:
"you can put it right there
where the sun don't shine"

I ain't lying.

"Where the sun
dont shine".

You can take this,
put it away,
or you can use it,
another day

just remember, keep this in mind
"you can put it right there
where the sun don't shine"

Last time I seen you,
you was on my back.
been so many times,
I cant keep track

You play rough'
You know it's true
I've got some information'
just for you.

You can talk to me,
n you will find:

"You can put it right there,
where the sun dont shine"

I ain't Lying

"Where the sun dont shine!"

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