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Yellow Lyrics - India.Arie


Everytime i hear you say hello
all i see is yellow
like daisies in the meadow
and i just thought you should know
that everytime you go away, my yellow turns to gray
what im trying to say is it shouldnt be this way
and i need you to stay

stay with me in the yellow (x3)
ohh i need you to stay, stay with me in the yellow (x3)

when you're away from me
i get green with envy
wondering where you could be
and this aint how it should be
but you know im a georgia peach
i need your sunshine on me
you know how i can't be i get blue and lonely
and i need you to stay


there times you make me see red
and then you shine your white
i get all pink inside
you know your the love of my life
together me and you are purple
becuase we are so wild
and whenever we are this close
i never want to let go
i need yoouu to staaayyy

stay with me in the, stay with me in the

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