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Sax Man (ft. Jack Black) Lyrics - The Lonely Island


He was the Sax Man
from the state of Tennessee

First sat in with the band
at the ripe old age of three
weeks old

And when he blew into that horn
all the people gathered 'round

Club manager jumped right up and said,
"Boy, I gotta have that sound!"

Scream "Hallelujah Lord!",
I said the Sax Man's got my soul
Everybody gotta move their feet
when the Sax Man started to blow
Now blow it Sax Man!

* (weak saxophone noises)

Mmmmm, 'kay, he's a little shy,
but his genius cannot hide

Cause when the Sax Man starts to wail
he gonna take you on a ride
Take it Sax Man!


Ow! Take it Sax Man!
He'll be right with you folks!


All right, Sax Man, that's my fault,
I put you on the spot

But now you're all warmed up
and this-a next one's gonna be hot
Kick it Sax Man!

(Come on!)


(What the fuck are you doing?!)


Haha, okay! Why don't we have a little inspiration now.
You know this game, Sax Man!
Repeat after me, here we go, and!

Shibidi bop bop buda bop bop


Bip bip bipbip bip bip bipbip bip


Aridididi bop bududidadi

Fuckin' play something, Sax Man!


Okay, move it on!
Sax Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan,
Sax Man!


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