Lyrics : : NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack Album : I Don't Want To Be On TV (The Airborne Toxic Event)

I Don't Want To Be On TV (The Airborne Toxic Event) Lyrics


Bit by bit as plucky falls to sleep
She sits there in the night of terror and watches her TV
And its so quiet here in tonite, she looks skinny in the light
In her underwire her face so fine, she’s higher than a kite
She says what about me; and I’m dying inside complete
Have you ever wanted anything so bad you couldn’t see?

No oh oh ; no oh oh not me; no oh oh.. I don’t wanna be on TV

In my town there’s a TV station, cracks just like a splair?
He’s starin at a woman, she is starin back at him
You can cut the tension with a knife; we’re expecting rain tonite
There’s a weather system blowing in from Santa Ana all night
She thinks, what about me, so whats here on TV
I don’t care about your pompous ass, I care about this baby
(chorus), solo section

Everyone in this city seems to take it like a drug
Sit up all night faces so white, they just can’t get enough
And the shows are all the same, and there’s something I can’t name
The stickering of this flickering screen the noise numbing my brain
So I think well, what about me, I’ll just ?(mumbled)? of me
These walls and bars and then there’s whores just dying next to me

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