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Oh Yeah Yes
Your my superhero oooo you rock my world
if you show me how I can be your supergirl
Give you super super love cause your super super hot
give you more than a little bit
give you everything I got
Do you think of me
like I think of you
hopin that what I feel is what your feelin too
and, I wanna go through all the things
that describe just what's in my heart
there is no height that I won't climb
there is no light that i wont shine
there is no time that I won't find
and im so glad i found my time to tell you tonight

there's no other place that I rather be,
there is no other face that I rather see
the way that you do me somethin like a movie
wakin up to you its just like wakin up to superman
its a bird
its a plane
its superman
I can be your lois lane, superman
there aint nothin you cant do I just wanna be with you and i hope you feel it to your my superman

Its the beat in my heart its the shakin in my soul
everytime I touch you baby I go
its the power of your love its the passion in your kiss
that im always lookin for
there aint no sea that I wont swim
there aint no void that I cant fill
and there is no time that I wont find
and im so glad I found this time tonight baby

Let me touch the sky please dont hit the breaks,
fly me to the moon i wanna see heavens gates
I wanna feel what its like to be with superman
I'll stay by your side and if you take my hand
then theres no dreams that we can't see
and there's nothing that we can't be
and there's no time that I wont find
and im so glad I found the time tonight


You're my,my,my,my,my (x3)
You're my,my,my,my,my (x3)
Myyyy superman
Repeat until faded

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