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This is a song for Baby Birch
though I will never know you.
And at the back of what we've done
there is the knowledge of you.

Well, I wish we could take every path,
could spend a hundred years adoring you.
Yes, I wish we could take every path
because I hated to close the door on you.

Do you remember staring up at the stars
so far away in their bulletproof cars?
Then we heard the rushing, flowing cape
of the dark, dark water and the engine raged.

And I said to you, "Well, how about them engine breaks?
And if I should die before I wake,
do you think that you could an eye on Baby Birch?
Because I'd hate to see him make the same mistake."

When it was dark, I called and you came.
Then it was dark, I saw you shake.
When the sea starts, I feel you ache.
And the sea starts and I will ache.

Well mercy me, I'll be god damned.
It's been a long, long time since I last saw you.
And I do not claim to know the plan,
it's been a long, long time; how are you?

Your eyes are green, your hair is gold.
Your hair is black, and your eyes are blue.
Well, I close the ring and double-back,
don't you know I hated to close the dog-gone door on you.

We take a walk along the dirty lane.
I hear a goose cussing at me over her eggs.
Poor little cousin, I don't want your chicks.
A little baby hopping over my legs.

There is a blacksmith
and there's a shepherd,
and there's a butcher boy
and there is a barber who sitting and cutting away at my only joy
aspirate, rabbit who slaved,
a knife that I paid with a candlestick.
and i had thought it?d be harder to do but i caught up and hit her,
hurt like a hellhole.
There kicked at me,
and I stung and you told her:
"Where ever you go, little runaway bunny,
I will find you even if you run.
as we are liable to do."

Be at peace, baby, and begone.

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